Pensacola Flash Mob

Welcome to Pensacola Flash Mob – Pensacola’s campaign to flash mob downtown Pensacola New Year’s Eve!!

Who? What? Where? When? Why?

When: New Year’s Eve

Where: Downtown Pensacola Pelican Drop. At the intersection of Palafox and Government Street is the main stage.

What time: 7:00 PM

Who: Everyone.

We want at least 1000 dancers. Invite your friends, family, churches, neighborhood and school. We want all ages and all nationalities. This could be the biggest flashmob Pensacola has ever seen.

Don’t forget: Before you come, download a Candle App to your smartphone for the grand finale!!

Here are a couple of links to some FREE apps:

Virtual Lighter | Zippo Lighter | Bic Concert Lighter

Get Involved!

Get involved in just three easy steps!

Step 1: Select one person to be your group leader and register!

Step 2: Gather your group and rehearse the dance!!

Step 3: Show up on New Year’s Eve and when the music starts . . . follow the dancers on stage!!!


Learn the Moves!

Learn the Moves!